Copywriter Leeds: The importance of local marketing

Copywriter Leeds is a common search term around these parts for a reason: Many business owners in this city and across West Yorkshire want to work with copywriters in the local area.

While I am in fact a Leeds-based freelance copywriter, I still work for clients all over the UK and even the world. After all, the web continues to open up opportunities that just didn’t exist before.

As a result, Planet Earth seems a much smaller place these days. It still blows my mind that I can have a free chat with a potential client 10,000 miles away! Anyway, I digress…

There are many reasons to hire a local copywriting service, or to hire any good business in the Leeds area for that matter.

Each time I get new enquiry through my website, I’m struck by the increasing desire to hire locally. The emails I get usually read something like this:

I was searching for UK copywriters until I noticed that you were in Leeds and that you work just up the road from me. I just thought I’d give you a bell to see if you’d like to help me with the copy on my website.

A few years ago, I received a similar message from a guy in Florida who turned out to be a UK expat, originally from the Seacroft area.

The fact that he hadn’t lived in Leeds for over 30 years didn’t matter; his roots and memories were enough for him to type copywriter Leeds into Google and click on my listing.

It all goes back to the fact that people trust what they know. And they feel more comfortable investing money in things that are familiar to them.

It would be wise to emphasise your local roots when promoting your business. This is because it will to help build trust in your area.

This is even truer in the age of the web, when local SEO is a key online marketing strategy.

While Copywriter UK is also a popular search term, it would be much harder for me or someone else in my field to rank for it.

This is because there are freelance copywriters all over the UK trying to rank for the same keywords.

Copywriter Leeds vs copywriting UK

Your business has more chance of being found online if you focus on local search terms, for which there is much less competition.

So the next time you need someone to write your copy, don’t just search for copywriter Leeds and spend precious time trying to decide which one to hire. Instead, look for Wordwebb Copywriting at (https://www.wordwebb.com/) to see my past work and feedback. Or to discuss your project, please call me on 0113 328 1350 now.