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Copywriter UK is one of the terms you may be searching for if you're thinking of hiring of a freelance copywriter. And if you’re looking for someone to enhance your image or help you sell more – look no further.

Freelancers are by no means the lesser option. We often specialise and can therefore offer better quality writing than many staff writers. Yet the nature of freelancing means that the employer won’t have to pay a constant wage.

This can be great if you run a small business and need great copy, but you only have a small marketing budget. Yet if you're new to hiring freelance copywriters, finding the right one can seem a daunting task. Here are some tips for finding a great freelancer…

How to find the right freelance copywriter

To find the right copywriter (in the UK or anywhere else), you must know why you need them. This seems like an obvious point, but not all freelance copywriters are right for every job.

The fantastic thing about freelance copywriters is their flexibility. If the need arises, you can hire someone different for each job. But it often makes sense to look for UK copywriters who have a breadth of skill and experience. This way, you can build a working relationship with them and ensure that they understand what you need each time.

You may wish to find a copywriter who has experience in brochure copywriting services, web copywriting, email copywriting, and more in UK and US styles. This way, you know they are versatile - and an asset to you and your business.

On the other hand, if you just need copy for your website, it might be better to hire a copywriter who specialises in that area.

Either way, it would best to look for a varied portfolio that shows off their talent. You should also look for testimonials as proof of both the quality of their writing and the way in which they do business.

Quality itself is a factor in hiring a freelancer. Some companies make the mistake of hiring lower quality writers to save on costs.

Large freelancing platforms will allow you to post your job and choose from a range of prospective copywriters. Unfortunately, English may not be the native language of some of these writers, and the quality of their writing could be less than satisfying as a result.

Nothing damages your image more than boring, incomprensible copy that is riddled with spelling mistakes. With this in mind, it’s better to pay for quality and hire a UK-based (or at a least native English-speaking) copywriter.

The qualities of a great UK Copywriter

Once you’ve decided to hire a UK copywriter, there are a few things you should look out for to ensure they’re right for the job. One of the more overlooked skills is the freelance writer’s ability to convey your brand message and engage your audience.

Communication skills aren’t limited to the content they’re writing for you. Because freelance work often requires a lot of back and forth, it's important that copywriters (UK-based or not) are always on hand to talk things over with you.

Talk to the copywriter beforehand to see whether or not you could have a good working relationship. Again, look at their feedback to help you make your choice. What do people say about the copywriter? Is he or she reliable? Is the quality of their work up to scratch?

Copywriters should be friendly and easy to reach, as you will need to stay in touch during on-going projects. A good copywriter will also be able to take criticism and constructive feedback. After all, you’re the boss.

Another more obvious point is that your copywriter must have a decent understanding of grammar.

You might be surprised how many pros out there are prone to making mistakes. With this in mind, look for someone who can provide error-free, clean copy without any trouble. If finding someone like this seems like a tall order, why not start at Wordwebb Copywriting?

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