Copywriters UK: What should be on your homepage?

Copywriters UK is a phrase that about 70 people use per month when searching for a British freelance copywriter or agency on Google.

These people realise that copywriters can set you apart from the rest; giving you the best chance of securing those all-important sales. They use the power of words to keep people reading and to move them to buy from you.

There are many ways that copywriters can prompt a reader to explore what you have to offer and to take action. These days, the most important tool in your marketing arsenal is your website. And the key part of any website is the homepage.

Here’s how I help generate interest and convert it into to sales with a few carefully-placed words on the first – and most important - page of your website…

Grab attention with a great headline

One writer will have a different way of approaching the headline from someone else in the same job. Some like to start with it, whereas others like to leave it until last.

Yet this should have no bearing on the quality of their work. The writer you choose to hire from the search results for copywriter UK should depend largely on whether you think they can achieve the tone you’re looking for.

For me, the purpose of a headline is always the same – to define your value proposition as soon as your readers look at the page.

It’s like your mission statement, or a promise to all of those who come to your site. It’s your chance to convey what you can offer your customers and why they should choose you over someone else.

Boost interest and create desire with a short introduction

After the headline, a short introduction should reassure your readers they’re making the right choice by hiring you, rather than one of your competitors.

It shouldn’t be boastful, nor be boring and simply recite your USP. It’s important to ensure the intro – and in fact all the text on your homepage - is concise.

If you offer a lot of products or services, there is no need to cram all the info on your homepage. Instead, this page should highlight the most important aspects of your business; show people whatever you consider to be your primary value proposition.

Convert interest into sales with a stunning call to action

Last, but by no means least, is your call-to-action (CTA). The best CTAs let your audience know exactly what you want them to do with a strong command verb. They should create a sense of urgency and lead your reader to perform the action ASAP.

I’ll bet that most of the 70 people in Britain searching for copywriters UK every month want someone to write some form of marketing material for the web, whether for their website, email campaigns, blogs, or PPC ads.

As a web specialist, I am here to help. So, if you need a freelance writer you can rely on, don’t just search for copywriters UK on Google and hire the first one you find. Instead, please call Wordwebb Copywriting on 0113 328 1350, or email me at david@wordwebb.com. Or to find out more about me, please visit my website at https://www.wordwebb.com/.