Copywriting agency UK: Should you hire an agency or a freelancer?

Copywriting agency UK and freelance copywriter are two of the most popular phrases that people in Britain search for when they’re looking for an expert to help promote and grow their business.

But what’s the difference between an agency and a freelancer – and why would you hire one over the other?

A copywriting agency is a group of writers, often with one account manager overseeing them. On the other hand, a freelancer is usually just one person working alone.

In a copywriting agency, the copywriters do the research and writing. The account manager keeps in touch with the client, liaising about details such as timescales.

Why use a copywriting agency?

It’s true that there are advantages of using a copywriting agency…

These include the ability to get higher volumes of work done due to having a number of copywriters and other members of staff on the team.

An agency may also offer greater availability. This is because there will be more than one copywriter on the staff. And if one writer’s schedule is full, another will have space.

Yet there are also a number of reasons to hire a freelance copywriter over an agency…

Why use a freelancer?

As I say on my Copywriter UK page, there are many reasons to hire a freelance copywriter.

After all, freelancers have fewer overheads. Here at Wordwebb Copywriting in Leeds, I work in my little office at home and don’t pay for the space I use. As a result, I offer much better value for money.

And because I don’t keep office hours, I can be more responsive to your needs. So, whenever you want to get in touch with me, please call – and I’ll usually be around to speak to you. If not, then I’ll get back to you quickly.

And instead of having to deal with a middleman at an agency, I will not only be your dedicated freelance copywriter…

I will also be your direct point of contact at all times. This way, you stay in control at every stage of our work together.

If you need great copy, look no further than Wordwebb Copywriting (https://www.wordwebb.com/). I charge less for my services than most agencies you see pop up in the search results for copywriting agency UK. To find out more, please call me on 0113 328 1350, or email me at david@wordwebb.com.