Copywriting Services UK or US? Why regional differences matter

Copywriting services UK is one of the most popular search terms people in Britain use on Google, Bing, and Yahoo when they’re looking for someone to help them sell more.

But does it matter where a freelance copywriter comes from, lives, or works? Well, yes and no…

Some words have different meanings

As a marketing copywriter who offers his services to clients in both Britain and America, I’ve had to get used to the differences.

There are a number of words that have different meanings across the pond. Consider the following examples:

“Matt was driving his car and got really pissed”

In the UK, this may mean that Matt would be arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

In the US, taking a deep breath and counting to 10 may help Matt to calm down while at the wheel.

You see the difference? In the UK, the word ‘pissed’ is slang for ‘drunk’. In the US, ‘pissed’ just means ‘angry’.’

There are grammatical differences

Those speaking US English tend to use the present perfect tense much less than speakers of UK English.

In fact, Americans often use the past tense in place of the present tense. An example of the difference might be:

Bobby feels ill. She ate too much (US)


Bobby feels ill. She’s eaten too much (UK)

Speakers of the two forms of English also differ in the way they use collective nouns.

For example, Americans tend to refer to a group of musicians in singular form because they form one unit: “That band is really good”.

On the other hand, British people tend to refer to a group of musicians as a collection of individuals; hence “that band are really good”.

There are some spelling differences

Spelling differences (off the top of my head) include ‘colour’ (UK) and color (US); ‘neighbour’ (UK) and ‘neighbor’ (US).

Americans also tend to spell words ending in ‘-ise’ as ‘-ize’; hence hypnotise (UK) and hypnotize (US).

Why does all of this matter?

Something else to consider is that US and UK audiences respond to advertising in different ways, beyond slight differences in the meanings of words.

For example, jokes about Marmite will probably go over the heads of US audiences.

Cultural and technical differences may why explain someone in England (for example) may use the search term Copywriter UK, or even copywriting services UK when looking for someone to write their copy.

There are some key differences between the different forms of English that are important to know when promoting your business to different audiences.

Still, the fundamental principles of great copywriting remain the same on both sides of the Atlantic.

How to address these issues

You can start by hiring a UK copywriter who understands all of the differences and knows how speak to your customers in a language they understand…

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