Email copywriter: How important is your subject line?

Email copywriter as a job title is little known, but all business owners would do well to find a good one. This is because the ability to create an email marketing campaign that its recipients actually read is a rare thing.

Just think how many emails you delete unread each day. How then, do you ensure the right people read your marketing emails?

Using a freelance copywriter to create sensational sales emails for you is a great idea. This is because an engaging email has the power to start many new business relationships. Yet while that email may be an exciting read, if no one ever opens it, it may as well be blank.

According to research, as much as 80 per cent of an article’s success comes from its subject line or title. If that is weak and uninteresting, or if it isn’t relevant to the person you’re contacting, how can you expect them to read the rest of the email?

Some copywriting services might suggest using a ‘click bait’ title in order to ensure that readers are curious enough to find out more.

However, this is not a great way to gain trust. After all, click bait, by its nature, is an exaggeration of the contents in an email or article.

Trust is essential in any relationship, and especially in business. So a subject line that promises more than you can offer is of little use when it comes to building trust, and your business.

The key with your subject line is to be honest, interesting, and relevant.

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