Freelance copywriter: I can help you sell more

Freelance copywriter - what’s that? is a question a lot of people ask me when I tell them what I do for a living.

Yet the fact you’ve just searched for copywriter UK - or something similar - would suggest that you already know the many fantastic reasons why you should hire one.

After all, a good freelance copywriter can help you sell more and grow your business. They can help you make an impact and build your reputation.

I suppose copywriters are a bit like hairdressers. But instead of giving you a fetching new hairdo, I use my skills as a freelance copywriter and the power of the written word to help you project the right image.

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Copywriting services #1: The power of great website copywriting

When someone comes to your website, you have about seven seconds to grab their attention. As a result, you should never even think about taking your brochure copy and sticking it on your website.

When writing for both web and print, you have to attract your readers’ attention, and maintain their interest. The right words also build desire for your product or service.

Finally, you must convince them to act on their desire with a call to action they can’t help but click.

Yet you have much less time to do this on your website, so it isn’t easy to grip your reader. The more time people spend on your website, the more likely they are to buy something.

This is why you should leave your web copy in the hands of someone who knows how to get results...

And since websites are the number one marketing tool for your business, making use of my website copywriting services would help you create the best first impression.

You might sell the world’s best product or services. But if your website doesn’t show that to the world, then you won’t get very far.

Yes, design is important, and everyone wants a sleek-looking website.

But words are real the deal maker. Everyone can tell a third-rate company from poorly-worded or clunky-sounding product descriptions.

You want your business to come across as successful and competent. So you'd do well to make use of copywriting services to highlight what makes you awesome. Copy must tell your online audience why they should care.

Compelling online content not only drives traffic to your site, but helps turn traffic into more sales. For this reason, you need a freelance copywriter who knows how to reach your target audience.

Without the benefit of body language and the tone of your own voice on most of the web, great copy is everything.

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Copywriter UK: Winning ads that spark interest

Great Britain is world-renowned for its innovative advertising. And this is something that continues to rub off on the best UK copywriters.

As with website copy, the aim of advertising is to sell more of whatever it is you have to have to offer.

A website is a vital part of your online presence. It's a kind of home on the web where people come to visit you.

On the other hand, advertising copy goes a step further in bringing your product or services to the public. The purpose of an ad is to actively seek and attract would-be customers.

In some ways, adverts are harder to write than website copy.

Ads must be memorable, eye catching, and easy to read. Good advertising will engage your readers and give them a reason to care about the product or service you’re offering.

Again, image is everything. A well-worded advert projects a trustworthy and appealing image. For this reason, both large companies and smaller businesses will benefit from hiring a freelance copywriter.

Yet very often, this takes more than simply typing in copywriter UK on Google and clicking on the first name that you see.

You need to find the right copywriter for your needs. Before handing over any money or signing a contract, look for reviews and testimonials to gain insight into how they do business.

As an experienced writer, I can adapt my style to your needs. Please look through my website for proof of the range and quality of my work.

As a UK copywriter, I can really help your business stand out from the rest. To discuss your needs, please ring 0113 328 1350.

Copywriting services #2: Grab attention with great email copywriting

One area which you might not have considered improving is email marketing. If you run a growing business, you may be sceptical about paying someone to write the emails you send to customers.

Yet emails must grab your readers’ attention to stand out amongst all the spam in their inboxes.

Think about how many emails the average person receives a day, and how many of them are thrown immediately into the junk folder. To avoid this fate, emails need to grab attention and pull your readers in.

They must captivate the reader from subject line and throughout the content. For this, you need copywriting services from someone who knows how to make your readers want to know what you have to say.

Try my email copywriting services as a great way to attract new customers and build brand loyalty. When it comes to a sizzling email marketing campaign, there's no better way to deliver your brand message to a large audience.

For more info, please get in touch at david@wordwebb.com, or call Wordwebb Copywriting on 0113 328 1350.

Copywriting services #3: Brochure copywriting that absorbs your readers

There are quite a few other areas in which a freelance copywriter can help you. Writing for internal communications is one. After all, it is important to make sure employees are clear about key policies and decisions.

Meanwhile, press releases need to grab the attention of journalists; a media-savvy bunch who see hundreds of press releases every day.

Another reason people often type copywriter UK into a search engine is to find a brochure writing service.

As we have seen, words are vital for any type of communication with your customers.

Yet brochures are usually a little longer than your standard email or web page. For this reason, the copy must engage your reader throughout. In fact every line should gently nudge the reader to move on to the next.

The brochure’s tone of voice of and overall message should also remain consistent. This is because these things are a reflection of your brand voice a whole.

For brochure writing, you’ll need a freelance copywriter who can go into a lot more depth and communicate in detail while still being absorbing.

Because the written word is so important to a brochure, you need to find a writer you can trust.

So don’t just click on some dodgy-looking Gumtree ads with the headline Copywriting Services UK. Instead, look for a professional who knows how to use words in ways that sell more of what you have to offer.

A freelance copywriter will usually have a greater range of experience than an in-house writer. As a result, they will bring a fresh perspective and know-how to your project.

For an experienced copywriter who can help you sell more and grow your business, check out Wordwebb Copywriting…

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