Marketing copywriter: What does a copywriter do?

Marketing copywriter - the job title that brings many confused looks to the faces of people who ask me what I do for a living…

My job involves creating brochures and flyers, emails, mailshots, taglines and more. If you’ve ever wondered how these materials can boost your sales, please read on…

Copywriting is much more than just writing

There is a lot more to copywriting services than meets the eye. In fact, the job may also include researching a business, interviewing clients, customers and employees before we even start to do any writing. Of course, editing and proofreading are also vital aspects of our work.

As advertising great, David Ogilvy once said, copywriters who don’t do their research are just like “generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals”.

A freelance copywriter usually writes for a number of different clients. As a result, he or she must learn to write in different styles and tones of voice.

Good copywriters adapt to your needs

Copywriters need to be flexible when it comes to their clients without losing sight of the need to sell specific products or services. It’s a fine balancing act, but a vital one.

Some clients hire copywriters to manage a whole marketing campaign. This can involve both planning and execution.

A freelance copywriter may also have to source images to ‘break up’ their copy to make it easy to read.

What is the sole agenda behind a marketing copywriter’s work? Answer: To help you sell more. This is why getting it right is so important, and why the best copywriters are so sought after.

For copywriting that captures the voice of your brand and conveys your message in the right way, please get in touch!

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