Wordwebb Copywriting Portfolio


I’ve written for loads of clients in my time as a freelance copywriter. Not just in Leeds, but across the UK and even the world.

From the fun and friendly, to the poised and professional, you’ll find a small taste of my copywriting work below…


Client: Webpower
Project: Web copy for marketing automation company
Details: Webpower asked me to rewrite their existing copy to make it sound more natural and personal. These guys are a breath of fresh air in a world of jargon and corporate-speak.
Link: Webpower website


Client: Ladbrokes
Project: Web guides on football and betting
Details: I jumped at the chance to write about football as it’s one of my favourite subjects. Even got to talk about Leeds United and Elland Road for a bit – great stuff.
Link: Ladbrokes website

keyword eye

Client: Keyword Eye
Project: Web copy for keyword tool
Details: Matt from Keyword Eye asked me to write the copy for his website after reading a blog post I wrote on SEO copywriting. Working on this project was great fun but it also taught me a lot.
Link: Keyword Eye website


Client: Beezcontent
Project: Website and brochure copy
Details: This start-up wanted a friendly,  conservational tone to their copy. I’ve come to realise this natural way of writing really does sell.
Link: Beezcontent website

Link 2Beezcontent brochure


Client: Misfit Skateboards
Project: Web copy for skateboard company
Details: This London-based startup wanted copy with an edgy feel for the teen skater market. They were great guys to work for. I love the design of their boards too.
LinkMisfit Skateboards website


Client: sbliving
Project: Brochure copy aimed at landlords
Details: sbliving  (with a small ‘s’ are lettings agents just around the corner from me in Headingley, Leeds. They wanted brochure copy that “gets straight to the point”. This was music to my ears as boring your readers is never the way to go!

LinkBrochure PDF

you can play guitar

Client: You Can Play Guitar
Project: Web copy for guitar teaching website
Details: I loved working on this. Owen’s a guitar teacher intent on making learning guitar fun. He also lives near me in Horsforth (Leeds), so he was able to buy me a pint to say thanks.
LinkYou Can Play Guitar website

pure gelato

Client: Pure Gelato
Project: Web copy for ice-cream makers
Details: My job here was to get across the way this family business mixes old-school values with real expertise in their field. I never got to taste their ice cream though, sadly.

LinkPure Gelato website


Client: Alcock Jocks
Project: Website copy for underwear brand
Details: Writing copy for this Australian men’s underwear brand was a lot of fun. Glad they kept the line “let your Alcocks do the talking” too.
LinkAlcock Jocks website