UK Copywriter: “Your About page isn’t about you”

UK copywriter Andy Maslen makes a point of saying in his books that your About page “isn’t about you!”

I very much agree with this statement.

This is because your About page is much more about your reader than it is about you or your business.

After all, your potential customers don’t care about the name of your dog, or whether you like skiing – they just want to know what you can do for them!

In fact, I reckon About Me pages should actually be called ‘What I Can Do for You’ pages.

Like all good copywriting, your About page should address the needs, wants and desires of your potential customers.

So, by all means tell them about your awards, qualifications and experience as long as it relevant to them.

But when you mention these things, you should say explicitly why your readers should care.

So, let’s say you’re a financial advisor. You might well say on your about page that “I have years of experience in the banking industry”.

That’s a good start. But you need to back this up by explaining why this is important in order to convince them to contact you and make an appointment.

It would be better to say, “My years of experience in banking have taught me that you, just like all my clients, want one thing. You want no-nonsense, expert advice that gives you results”.

Something like the above will resonate with more your audience. And much more so than an endless list of credentials.

Do you need help with your About Page? If so, don’t just rush on to the web to hire the first person or agency you find in the search results for copywriter UK or UK copywriter.

Instead, look through testimonials and portfolios of different UK copywriters. This will help make sure you’ve found a copywriter who has what it takes to make your About page work for you.

This is vital, since research shows that the About page is also the main exit page for visitors!

So once you’ve chosen a freelance copywriter, you need to discuss with them what should appear on this page.

Just remember that to be most effective, the copy should refer mainly to the problems your audience has and how you can solve them.

A good copywriter will be able to structure your copy in such a way that your readers won’t be reaching for the back button. Instead, your readers will be itching to ring you, click the ‘buy’ button, or whatever your desired action may be.

As an experienced UK copywriter, I will write an outstanding About page for you or your company. To find out more, please look around my website at https://www.wordwebb.com/. To discuss your needs, please call me on 0113 328 1350, or email me at david@wordwebb.com