Web copywriting services: Is humour a good idea in marketing?

Web copywriting services are offered by those who have skill with both words and with marketing. As a result, a good web copywriter will know how to prompt some kind of emotion in your reader.

This a great starting point.

Yet even the most skilled agency or freelance copywriter risks treading a fine line when it comes to being – or trying to be – funny, either on the web or in print…

The problem with humour in copywriting

To paraphrase fellow UK copywriter Andy Maslen, there are two main issues with humour in copywriting:

Firstly, it’s a very personal thing. After all, one person’s howl is another’s deathly silence. My loud giggle could well be your “I don’t get it”.

Secondly, money is no laughing matter for most people. In fact, it’s likely to be the number one cause of worry and stress in their lives. This is especially true if they don’t have much of the stuff to begin with.

Does this mean you should never try to be funny in marketing?

Well, humour can work brilliantly – as long as it’s done well. An example of well-placed humour on the web is the “Poo Pourri” campaign; now a YouTube sensation.

These ads succeed because their makers understand their target audience and know how to use humour in the context of their brand.

So the answer to the question of whether or not humour is appropriate: Yes. As long as it’s right for your business and brand.

How do you find the right kind of copywriter?

If you want to use humour in your marketing, then finding the right freelance copywriter is especially important. This is because you need to use the right type of humour to attract your audience.

If you need text for your website, emails, or online ads, look for web copywriting services with a history in producing the kind of work you need.

The writer in question should be able to show you examples of relevant writing they’ve done in the past, if this is the niche in which they specialise.

Here at Wordwebb Copywriting (https://www.wordwebb.com/), I offer expert web copywriting services. And I can provide powerful copy in any tone or context you want, whether humorous or otherwise. To find out more, please call me on 07786 678049, or email me at david@wordwebb.com.