Web copywriting UK: Creating web copy that sells

Web copywriting UK is a search term that a lot of businesses here in Great Britain would do well to use. This is because when used in the right way, words can be the most important tool in your marketing arsenal.

And there is no-one better than a professional copywriter to provide these words!

It always amazes me when I see a beautiful website, complete with text that the business owner clearly wrote themselves. This is because words are just as - if not more – important than the graphic design.

Why are words so important?

Your website is where many people will find out most about you and your product and it needs to be informative and interesting.

It also needs to sell. And to do this, your website needs excellent copy.

What are the key ingredients of good web copy?

A good freelance copywriter will use the active voice when writing web copy. This is because the active voice gives the message more punch.

It entices people to act, and inspires them to take the next step - buying from you.

A good copywriter will also attempt to answer the ‘who, what, where, why and why’ when writing your copy.

These questions give your potential customers all the info they need to make a buying choice. I do this for my own business on my Copywriter UK page.

Another technique that copywriters use is to make web copy ‘skimmable’. Most of the time, those browsing online don’t read a website word for word, especially when they are searching for something specific.

Instead, they will skim the copy to pick out certain words or phrases. Knowing this, good writers will make the copy easy to skim.

The best copywriters achieve this by making web copy clean, concise and easy to read. Another good way to do this is to keep sentences short and avoid using long words.

Sub-headings, bullet points, numbered lists, images and videos are also useful copywriting tools. This is because they tend to ‘break up’ the copy and make it easier on the eye.

Here at Wordwebb Copywriting, I know the best ways to sell your products and services online.

So instead of trying to choose between the many listings in the search results for web copywriting UK, why not give me a call instead?

Browse through my website (https://www.wordwebb.com/) to see samples of my work. Or to find out more, please ring me on 0113 328 1350.