Want an email or PPC ad that converts words into clicks?

Website copy that turns clicks into sales?

Brochure text that grips your readers and compels them to act?

Whatever you want to achieve, Wordwebb writes copy that gets results.

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David Webb - Wordwebb Copywriting

Wordwebb is me – David Webb.

I’m a no-nonsense copywriter and marketing consultant. I’m based in Leeds, but I work with clients across the UK and the world. If you want better results from your marketing, I’m here to help.

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Why do you need great copywriting services?

Since you’ve come to this website, I’m guessing you know why it’s a great idea to hire a professional copywriter.

  • You realise that a good copywriter knows how to engage, persuade and inform
  • You’re aware the best copywriters have the skills to overcome doubts and reassure your customers
  • But most of all, you know that powerful copywriting helps you sell more

So what you really want to know is…

What makes Wordwebb the freelance copywriter for you?

  • Five years’ experience as a professional copywriter
  • Trusted by big brands and small businesses in Leeds and across the UK
  • Writes control-beating copy for websites, emails, brochures and more
  • Promises you clean, error-free copy. On time, every time
  • Provides value for money. You get a fixed quote for every job, so you can easily keep track of your spending
  • Has the experience, insight and knowledge to give you a better return on investment
Why hire Wordwebb Copywriting

But don’t just take my word for it…

Read what my happy clients say about my copywriting services

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