Brochure copywriting: want a real page turner?

Words come second to design in many people’s minds.

Yet it’s the copy that engages your readers, holds their interest, entices and compels them to take action. 

And it’s the copy that sells, not a few pretty pictures.

This is true of copywriting in every medium, not just brochures. But there are some key differences…

Brochures vs web pages

Brochures hang around a lot longer than web pages. They sit on desks and on coffee tables. People pass them around or put them away to flick through later.

This makes your readers more likely to read and absorb the information inside. A brochure can therefore go into more detail than a web page. It has the power to go deeper.

A brochure acts as a print companion to your online presence. It answers the questions your website doesn’t. So even in the internet age, brochures are potent marketing tools.

Great brochure copy can strengthen loyalty to your business or brand. It can also send your sales through the roof.

Why choose me as your brochure copywriter?

The question ‘what’s in it for me?’ is on every reader’s lips. My brochure copy shows your audience what makes you better than the rest.

As your brochure copywriter, I find the right words and tone of voice to entice your ideal customers.

My brochure copy is full of rich, engaging detail. And it takes your readers on a journey from start to finish. By the end, they’ll be beating down your door to buy from you.

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