Content vs. copywriting services (and why you should care)

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A lot of people don’t know the differences between web content and web copywriting services.

In fact, many people in marketing don’t even know the differences between the two things.

Copywriting services can help grow your business

The purpose of copywriting is to entice your reader (or listener) to perform a certain action. This could be anything from signing up to a mailing list, to buying a product, or grabbing the phone to ring you.

Copywriting always has an end goal in mind.

And copywriters need a certain amount of know-how to do their job well. As a result, those offering copywriting services in the UK command much higher rates than those bashing out content for a living.

This is because good copywriting boosts sales. It therefore provides a clearer and more direct return on investment.

What is content writing?

The purpose of content writing is to inform. It serves to show your readers you know what you’re talking about. This in turn builds trust (rather than sales). 

Many also use web content as a way of boosting the search engine ranking of their website.

Yet despite these differences, I still see copywriting jobs advertised by those who just want someone to spin articles for them.

And for me, this has been the main difference between what I do as a copywriter and what a content writer’s job is.

Whereas copywriting requires thought, the process of spinning articles for SEO purposes (which still happens on a large scale) doesn’t.  

Very often, a content writer will be expected to churn out lots of blog posts in a short space of time.

Some UK agencies refuse to pay more than £8-10 each per article for this type of work. Content mills tend to pay even less than this.

As a result, the quality of such work is often low. 

How do copywriters build trust in your brand?

A good copywriter uses their skill and knowledge of the reader (and of the product or service in question), as well as their understanding of psychology, to convince their readers to act.

Content writing didn’t require the same level of knowledge. This is unless the content writer was also the content strategist.

But this is rarely the case in marketing or SEO agencies (at least in the UK).

Up until recently, what would usually happen is this:

An agency would give the content writer a brief.

This may include a title and one or two resource links.

The writer would then fuse parts of the text within these two blog posts into one and rewrite it so that it passed a Copyscape run.

As I state in an earlier blog post, recent Google updates have ensured the death of keyword stuffing as a means of boosting search engine rankings.

More and more agencies now seek copywriters rather than content writers to write their blog posts. This is because it’s no longer enough for a blog post to include the relevant keywords a set number of times. Nor is it enough for the post to be written by anyone who knows how to string a few words together.

Now, on the post-Panda web, content should show a deep knowledge of both your brand and your readers.

The best content is also well thought-out and uses the right tone of voice to echo your brand and appeal to those reading it.

As stated in a post on the Copyblogger website, “content without copywriting is a waste of time”. Simply put, a good copywriter also makes a great content writer.

But a content writer won’t always make a good copywriter.

Why will a good copywriter always make a better content writer?

As I say earlier in this post, a boost in sales is not the end game of content writing.

But a rise in profit can be the result of engaging content. Rather than prompting consumers towards an end goal, good content teaches them and adds value to their lives in some way.

And who better to do this than a freelance copywriter?

After all, our job is to gain a sense of your readers’ wants and needs.

We can then use this insight to write content that engages your readers, fosters trust, and draws them towards your product or service.

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