Email copywriting that converts

Your readers receive hundreds of emails every day. So who can blame them for condemning most of these messages to the junk folder?

After all, your customers are more web savvy than ever before. For this reason, it takes skill to cut through the din and make the sale…

Subject lines that catch the eye

The best email copywriting grabs your readers’ attention. It starts with a subject line that screams “look at me!” and entices your reader to click.

The subject line tells your audience why they should care. It persuades them to open your email over all the others vying for their attention.

But sales emails shouldn’t stop at the subject line…

Body copy that captivates your readers

Once the reader opens your email, the body copy should gently persuade them to carry on reading. Each line must compel them to move on to the next one.

Because the more they read, the more this stirs interest in your product or service. It creates a buzz that leads to more sales and more profit in your pocket.

Want email copy that makes the sale?

I can help. I start with an eye-catching subject line.

This involves letting your reader know straight away what’s in it for them. This could include a key benefit in the shape of an offer they can’t refuse.

Your body copy will go on to arouse interest and stir desire right from the very first line.

It ends with a call to action that entices your reader to buy, subscribe, or whatever else you want them to do.

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