Press release writing that makes the news

Good press attention is gold. And well-written press releases are a great way of getting the attention you deserve.

But here’s the problem…

Media outlets receive hundreds of press releases every day.

So you need an engaging press release to catch the eye of journalists who throw out more than they read.

Press release writing must use the right tone of voice to appeal to your target audience. Otherwise it’ll fall on deaf ears (or tired eyes).

After all, what may be right for Camper Van Weekly may not be suitable for Tattoo Coven (I’m making these names up, but you get the gist).

A good press release uses an angle that makes your story newsworthy to the right people.

The point is that getting the right kind of press will almost certainly send your sales sky high.

Want eye-catching, yet affordable press releases?

Then you’re in the right place! I have five years’ experience as a press release writer for both online and print.

I also write regularly for a range of different industries. These include technology, music, finance, leisure and many others.

I take time to understand what makes your customers tick. I then write a press release that makes them sit up and listen.

For press releases that catch the eye and raise your profile, call Wordwebb Copywriting on 0778 6678049.