Website copywriting that makes the sale

When someone visits your website, you have between three and eight seconds to grab their attention.

But to make the sale, you need to keep them reading…

Great web copy grips your readers

People tend to be impatient when reading online. They scan the page in an F-shaped pattern, rather than reading the whole thing.

So you need to grip your readers within the first few lines. Otherwise, they’ll just click the back button and leave for good.

Grow your online sales with words that count

Great web copy starts with the headline. This is the first thing your readers see. And it’s what makes them sit up and take notice.

In fact, every line of copy should compel your reader to read the next one.

But your website should also be easy to find. Because if they can’t see your website in the search results, you won’t make the sale.

To help combat this, web copy must include the right keywords, meta descriptions, and HTML heading tags.

These SEO elements allow Google, Bing, and Yahoo to understand what you’re all about. This helps catapult your search engine rankings and allows your customers to find you online.

Here’s what Wordwebb Copywriting can do for you…

I’m a web specialist. I write engaging copy that’s easy to read and digest.

I find the right words and tone of voice to entice your readers and appeal to the search engines.

In short, I help you stand out and make sure your customers take notice.

Want to discover how my copywriting can help grow your online sales? Call me on 0778 6678049.